AMA How can a sexual harassment lawyer help you to resolve your case?

Cummings Franck
Nov 15, 2017

For over 40 years, sexual harassment at work has been openly prohibited as a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Despite nearly two generations of awareness and education on the topic, sexual harassment is still a reality for too many workers. Sexual harassment on the job need not be tolerated. If you are a victim of sexual harassment at work at Los Angeles. There is best Sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles in the law firms that can help you for an evaluation of your sexual harassment situation and a discussion of how you can help yourself.

Whether you are a top executive or a minimum wage employee you have rights to take action against an employer who is acting illegally. He \She can be sued under the sexual harassment law. The lawyers of the firm always take the employee’s side and don’t represent Employers.

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