Jun 12, 2017

I am currently working as a part-time Dental Assistant here in Cyprus, knowing I have no knowledge or background about dentistry and also I am not allowed to work legally yet as my yellowslip residency registration is still on the process. immigration takes ages I've got bills to pay. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 6, 2017

Getting away with Taxes has never been so easy and Legal! I employ the use of government loop holes to allow minimum tax payment. Ask me anything

Nov 10, 2017

AMA Bail bonds: everything you always wanted to know but we’re afraid to ask.

Sep 19, 2017

Rock Band AMA ATMIG's Debut LP: Wishes ATMIG's first full length album to be released on vinyl pressed at Jack White's Third Man Pressing Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

Quit my job as a corporate lawyer to launch a healthy energy drink startup, we are currently mid crowdfunding. Ask me anything!

Nov 11, 2017

AMA....Lioness needs keeper! Life's a zoo, wanna get into my cage? I am composing a harmony of love; will you be my Muse? Where are all the bad boys? Join me in my adventure - LIFE! Looking for brains besides brawns. Let me be the sunshine of your life! Great cook...if you wanna add some spice to your life... Disneyland ain't the only place where dreams come true.... If you're the gutsy type, I'm the kind of trouble you'd love getting into (wink! wink!)! Let's get together and make boredom a thing of the past! I'm addicted to this site! Help me quit by becoming my mate. Have a seat! Comfortable? Good, let me introduce myself to you then... Don't hit on my profile if you're not keen on hitting on me! Life is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration ... seeking that 1%. If love is a crime baby, I'll do my time!

Ask me anything about business, investing, start ups, the stock market, land investing or business law. Also anything on venture capital or growing ecommerce businesses. Also anything about making money!

AMA About Employment lawyers in the USA to fight for your rights

Oct 31, 2017

I am CFO of one big company that is privately in love with healthy way of living. Please Ask me Anything.

Oct 19, 2017

I help people get results with Law of Attraction & Manifesting. I am an author, coach and international speaker. Ask me anything!

Nov 3, 2017

The idea is to sway, you all with whatever knowledge and experience I have from the time, I started learning and writing. You can #askmeanything AMA.

Oct 17, 2017

I'm building "Stripe for PDFs" while living in Thailand. AMA!

Hello, my name is Alex Hargrove. I'm an attorney by trade (WLU Law '11) but serve as CTO of a startup (NetLaw - we've raised over $10 million) that I co-founded 6 years ago after building a virtual law platform that won national recognition by the American Bar Association in 2012. I'm passionate about technology and using it to empower users/consumers to take critical legal matters, like planning their estate, into their own hands. Ask Me Anything related to law and technology, and it's application in verticals from financial services to healthcare; and, particularly as it relates to my primary interest of late, non-profits and planned giving.

I was legally emancipated from my parents when I was 16 years old. While working and attending high school, I was fortunate enough to have a community of mentors that guided her through the complicated college application and scholarship process so that she could continue her education. Now I'm passionate about helping mentor displaced high school students. AMA!

Sep 1, 2017

COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICE and maintenance... Ask Me anything...

Want to grow your business and secure the legacy of your brand? I am Andrei Mincov, the founder and CEO of Trademark Factory®. Ask me anything about trademarks and the trademarking process.

Aug 23, 2017

Randy Lozano | a Senior Software Engineer | an Expert | an Accomplished | Skillful Software Developer | Come! Ask me anything!

Rey Reroma is my name. Co-Founder / Strategist Company NameSoft Asset Ventures #AMA

Jul 26, 2017

Hey i am achal i am master of all brands of the Clothes in india i have all the Clothes at a very discounted price and can easily judge quality of clothes. Ask me anything!

Sep 1, 2017

Hi, I have completed a course of Company Secretary. I am open for suggestions regarding Taxation, Finance,Arbitration & Conciliation ,Corporate Law , International Trade & WTO ETC.. Ask Me Anything!

Nov 16, 2017

AMA on Creative writing and on Cinder-ella, my Political thriller set in Bengaluru's Crime Underbelly, dedicated to sexual assault victim Nirbhaya.

Aug 28, 2017

AMA Inventor and COO of Batteroo, owner of 500 US patents, is here to answer your questions about our Indiegogo campaign: Batteroo ReBoost! The new revolutionary technology that allows rechargeable batteries to be compatible in every device.

Aug 7, 2017

Don't Get Taken Advantage Of in Mexico ! Ask Me Anything

Hi! I'm Fritz. I've been a prison ministry volunteer for a year. Ask Me Anything!

Sep 17, 2017

Ask me anything from serious topics such as education and love, to guilty pleasures

Nov 15, 2017

AMA How can a sexual harassment lawyer help you to resolve your case?

Aug 22, 2017

Talk to me! Jazzi, Drupal Web-developer Fibertronics Inc. Drupalize.me since 1998. I have studied this field for a long time and I have the experience and expertise for 19 years. #AMA

May 16, 2017

I committed a crime (vandalism) and was sentenced to smell terrible things as part of my sentence, to avoid jail time. AMA.

Jul 17, 2017

I am a Indian Labor Law specialist. AMA!

May 17, 2017

I travel the U.S. reporting on the way weed laws affect people's lives for my show WEEDIQUETTE on VICELAND - AMA

I use the Law of Attraction to get what I want! AMA!

May 17, 2017

Hi Fellow Weirdos. Documentary director and writer Erin Lee Carr here to answer questions about HBO's Mommy Dead and Dearest and beyond about the true crime tragedy of the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case...

Jul 26, 2017

I am Paulina Coccoz. I was a juror on the Michael Jackson Trial and am on Oxygen's new show "The Jury Speaks." Ask me anything!

May 17, 2017

I'm a late 20's "Pot Dealer" attempting to shift from the "Black Market" to a fully legalized corporation: Ask Me Anything!

Jun 7, 2017

My name is Elza, I come from Montenegro, but currently living in Bosnia.All of us believe that genocide cannot happen today, in the modern world. But, it can and it happened not such a long time ago in Bosnia. I meet daily people who have lost someone in war and these terrible crimes. AMA.

Jul 4, 2017

An Ethical Hacker who has exposed company security flaws. I specialize in Penetration Testing, Social Media hacking, and server permissions. AMA!

I am Nigel Ford and I was addicted to heroin and crystal meth throughout high school and in to early adulthood. I developed my own regimen of holistic health and self-care guidelines which allowed me to sober up without the need for a formal detox. Ask me anything

My husband and I went through a roller coaster ride before we got married. Gambling, alcohol, hooking up with girls and using illegal drugs were part of his daily routine. But that was 20 years ago. Now we have 2 adorable children, we all pray together, go to church regularly, and are living peacefully with God. AMA!

May 11, 2017

I'm Matthew, while in graduate school, I invented a new kind of buckle for bags which rotates. I then wrote my own patent (which was granted). After that, my friend and I designed a carry-on bag wh...

Jun 17, 2017

Hi, guys! My name is Sana. I’m 22 years old and I did a University of London degree in Law through distance learning! Ask me anything!

Jun 26, 2017

Hello there! I'm an English teacher for Japanese businessmen and professionals. I teach lawyers, surgeons, accountants, engineers, carmakers and many more, even astronomers. I worked with top executives from mega companies like Pokemon, Toyota, Panasonic, and the like. AMA!

Jun 26, 2017

My parents rescue illegally traded animals. I grew up surrounded by crocodiles, boa, scorpions, and more. ASK ME ANYTHING!

May 30, 2017

My name is Stella. I gave up my job in a top law firm, turned to freelancing, no regrets and never looked back. Ask Me Anything!

May 9, 2017

President Trump has threatened national monuments, resumed Arctic drilling, and approved the Dakota Access pipeline. I’m an environmental lawyer taking him to court. AMA!

Jun 21, 2017

Hello, my name is Erin Aultman and I am a Money Magician. What that means is I help small business owners legally reduce taxes, manage cash flow, and increase profits. Ask Me Anything!

May 5, 2017

We are the group that filed a lawsuit against the NYPD this week over its refusal to disclose information about its face recognition program. Ask Us Anything!

May 18, 2017

I am Dina, a teacher and mother of two. I have survived the sad life of being married to a man who's addicted to illegal drugs and the reviving feeling of being loved and accepted again. Ask Me Anything.

May 9, 2017

I’m Donna Galanti, author of thrillers for kids and grownups, born in Washington Court House, Navy Intel photographer, adopted beside a cornfield, campground resident, math teacher for a day, schoo...

May 2, 2017

I dated grown men from 13 until I was legal and was never caught AMA

Apr 26, 2017

We are motorcycle law attorneys, Ask Us Anything!

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